I am an Xxxxxxxx student born in Lxxxxxx my name is Xxxxx Xxxxxx, not a scientist, just a simple

You can describe me as a little bit cultured young man, going to be an accountant this Year by god willing,I have a very long history with meditation, when I was ten years old I kept asking my self why. And my mind always guide me to the logic answers, I was a student in the faculty of science for two years, I failed with it, and it was my first Filler,(M)

I could not believe that I'm out
of my lovely place, How and Way, I could not find the Answer for the first time, the next four years after

Was not a good years, I managed through such years to complete my studding at my new faculty, But the pain of such filler had never stopped,

There is no way out of such pain Except achieving some thing
To satesfay my self
I tried to be a books writer I wrote a book and I burn it each written word,
Bad future
Is waiting for a writer like me even in a country like America, I wrote it to my self and

I burn it
It also to my self
I made my self busy after the last experience by writing songs it was my Way to earn some money not by selling the songs but by
Let the others to steel it,
There is a big difference.
You can consider me now as a

Deceiving person
but its not of my nature I tried only to convince Myself that

I am still alive,
One half million pound is coming
After few weeks.
But the old pain had never stopped, finally and by accedent I found the way out of my old pain
Even the way to achieve a strong peace on our planet by the theory of
The undefeated nation,
It was a memorial moment when I managed to design a photonic engine, an engine with no fuel. I have knowledge about many researches in such direction in America, you tried in your
To ure the nuclear power but such power isn't enough, its important but not enough, You failed to design the suitable tunnels, and

You wasn't patient enough
I am not

gentlemen I am
that my mind not a foolish one. My childhood dream is very
To me, I dreamed about discovering what between and behind the shining stars, I dreamed about stop killing each other and being busy in achieving the
Endless space
I dreamed about to put
An end of people aging,
Air capacity, the influence of speed acceleration, No effect of such problems.
Space dust& H. atoms
With no effect
Over the moving surface
" No Explosions Occurs"
I also managed to design the speed controlling system in the ship.
There is a big ? ,
Sure that your really scientists are just like me, no academic education means no mind pollution,
Really scientists must not depend on others if they are aiming to do something huge and no one
Such others believed about
The possibility of achieving it.
I spooked about

Mind pollution,
we are already a mind polluted people, why something Like that always happens?
We always depend on others.
What is the expected future under the
distortion case?
we might do some discoveries but we

Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one Discover the most important one
, first we must neglect old theories, second we shall criticized it
To find out
The distortion source
, first example "Inistien said there is a possibility to invent a time
, also said time movement on earth is not like the time movement on space ship board

Moves with speed
equals to the speed of light
such theory is a very bad one,
it's a good one for

Only cinema production
, "Time is only one"
So we just found the distortion source of your Great scientist, then after a short period of a deep thinking
We will put the right theory,
"the most Helpful one"
which says
biologic movements on a space ship which moves with a speed equals to The speed of light is not like the biologic movement for the normal people one earth,
‏The passengers will grow up less than ordinary people on earth,
The new theory speaks about the biological time only, so we can get many benefits of the new

One of such
benefits is to believe that
No limits for humans,
The speed of light is not a limit, we can move by speed over the speed of light, the limit is

Biologic One.
I mean that biologic time for a passenger travelling with the speed of light is less than the Comparative one on earth by two months if the travel take a complete year such fact can provide
the possibility to put a control over the human biologic clock,

control is not an easy one it needs time, money, and a country like America.
new theory depends on the relation ship between the speed of light and the speed of the
attachment and the nuclear biochemistry related to the main factor responsible for


humans grow up normally under the effect of our planet speed, Why?, remember asking
example concerning to the famous theory of life origin on our planet this theory assumed

originated since one billion years ago when something as a rock coming from the out space

as the main source of first life on earth, I don't know the name of this theory owner


I know very well that such theory isn't a scientific one, it's nonsense.
We have to believe in God,

we need that feeling for the benefits of our own sols.
And using the science and logic

to criticize the wrong theory we will find out the following facts,
such famous rock was a part of another big rock,
big rock considered as a planet, there is a life on that planet, the planet exploded because

Unknown reasons,

we assumed that life on that planet managed to escape out of the exploded

The sensitive DNA managed to
Escape from the explosion,
so we assumed that there is

we assumed there is no atmosphere surrounding that planet. No problems,

very lucky rock and the very lucky life seeds now is going to the lucky planet which called
wasn't ever and forever a good host for uninvited visitors, even before developing its own
believe it or not there is a God responsible of our life on earth.
I have to finish my massage hopping that you will reply me. My engine needs one hundred US billion Dollar at least for developing the first civilian model, And needs only five US billion Dollar if you needs the first military model, America deserve my invention and I'm quit sure that your nation as a peaceful nation, And I'm looking for my own glory under the American sky.
I'm a very sensitive person, always remember such fact.
I can't go on with you if you treated me as an emigrated person,
I just want to know if you need me or you have someone like me,
I love the Xxxxxxxx people they are very heart intelligent people Xxxxx must gets the whole benefits Of such invention after developing the democratic model,
Israel must not get any thing of my own creation unless it became a peaceful country and to give up Occupying and killing innocents.
I am a happy person, I am not looking for a job in your country,
‎Send a massage or give me a call on my cell phone
I want only your visa.
Trust me and I will not let you down.
Xxxxx xxxxxx
Xxxxx in fifteenth of July, two thousands and three.

Snack's 1967